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In response to environmental concerns about effluent disposal in the dairying industry, Alpine Pacific Group Ltd has increased its range of Supascrapers to include three sizes.

The extension of the range ensures that every yard, however big or small, can effectively deposit effluent into a disposal system as recommended in Fonterra’s Market Focused guidelines.

“The environment has become an essential part of dairy farming. As an ex-dairy farmer, I wanted to address this,” said John Murphy, managing director of Alpine Pacific Group Ltd. “The Supascraper not only helps manage effluent, it also saves considerably on water consumption and man hours. Over 3,500 farms are already benefiting from these advantages.”

The average yard uses approximately 20,000 litres of water a day in hosing down, taking up to one hour. Using the Supascraper before hosing has been proven to cut down water usage by up to two thirds and reduces the time taken by half.

When the approximate saving of 10/12,000 litres of water saved is multiplied by the number of dairy farms in New Zealand (13,861), the saving is substantial – over 100 million litres of water a day.

Contributing towards maintaining the environment

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