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During the Supasweeper’s development, Alpine Pacific Group Ltd commissioned a report from certified ergonomists at Massey University to evaluate how the broom’s ergonomic properties minimise the stress on the operator’s body.

"Standard broom sweeping requires a semi-stooped and static posture, especially when cleaning large areas. The Supasweeper allows for reduced amount of quasi-static muscular work. The use of the Supasweeper is likely to make the sweeping task in large areas less onerous and faster, resulting in less exposure to fatigue-induced musculoskeletal strain."

"When using the Supasweeper, forces used by the body are centred and equalised so that neither side becomes unduly stressed or fatigued – ie neither side of the body needs to work harder than the other. A standard broom requires one side of the body to work harder than the other."

"More sweeping can be done for the same amount of effort with a standard broom. Therefore greater work efficiency and less energy expenditure are possible. The Supasweeper allows for the avoidance of stooped working postures and repetitive, loaded twisting trunk movements."

The report’s conclusion states:
"The Supasweeper allows for a good ergonomic fit and is a well designed, simple and innovative alternative to a conventional broom for sweeping large, unobstructed areas. It is also a cost effective alternative to the use of powered floor sweeping machines."

The Supasweeper makes sweeping both easier & safer

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