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The Supascraper cleans yards of all sizes quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.
The angled rubber blade ensures effluent can be easily scraped into a disposal system as recommended in Fonterra’s Market Focused Programme, an environmental quality system to assist farmers in meeting their environmental obligations.

International standards show 22 litres of effluent is produced per cow, per day. On average 3.6 litres of this is deposited in the yard. Multiply this by the number of milking days (270) and each cow produces 972 litres a year. There are approximately 4.3 million cows in New Zealand so that’s 4.1 billion litres of effluent a year that has to go somewhere. The Supascraper helps channel this into recommended disposal systems quickly and easily with minimal outlay and significantly reduces contaminated water run-off from yard cleaning.

Approximately 20,000 litres of water a day is used hosing down the average yard, wasting up to one hour of valuable time. Using the Supascraper before hosing has been proven to cut down water usage by up to two thirds and reduces the total cleaning time by half, thus saving valuable man-hours, water and therefore dollars. This saving is further qualified by the expert prediction of a severe global water shortage within our lifetime.

Is reducing water costs and usage important to you?A labour saving device to help you clean your yard

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