The Supascraper from Alpine Pacific Group Ltd
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Would you like a labour saving device to clean your yard?

Do you want to cut down unproductive yard cleaning time?

Is reducing water costs and usage important to you?

Do you want to contribute towards maintaining the environment?

The Supascraper comes in small, regular and jumbo sizes. It is constructed from tough galvanised steel and the patented rubber blade effectively removes effluent from even the smallest corner of any yard.

The Supascraper is also beneficial to yards with cleaning systems already in place. It is proven to increase cleaning effectiveness when used in conjunction with floodwash and tipper drums systems.

The Supascraper is built to withstand years of continual use. The frame is hot-dipped galvanised to protect from rusting by acidic cow dung. The tough rubber blade is fabricated from three layers of moulded-in nylon webbing to help rigidity and extend the life of the rubber. The blade is guaranteed for two years.

Already used by thousands of dairy farmers throughout New Zealand, Australia and the USA, the Suapscraper will save you money, time and water – can you afford not to have one?

Expanded Supascraper range increases savings...

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