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The Supasweeper is the cost effective and labour saving alternative to machine-powered sweeping.
It is easier to use than a conventional broom and so much less effort.

The large 1.5 metre wide broomhead offers maximum floor coverage with minimum effort and its robust patented ergonomic design brings an end to those aching backs so often associated with prolonged sweeping. The handle/wheel configuration provides mobility and leverage. The resulting downward pressure ensures hard to remove dirt is swept out of cracks and pitted floors.

The natural java brush heads are replaceable and reversible, extending the Supasweeper’s useful life indefinitely and the front plate and wheel bracket assembly is hot-dipped galvanised to ensure longevity.

The Supasweeper is excellent for a wide range of applications
from warehouses to sports halls, forecourts to schools. By running a team of two Supasweepers together, a normally long and tedious job takes minimal time and is actually enjoyed by the workers.

The Supasweeper – the intelligent cleaning choice for cleaning large floor areas quickly, economically, efficiently and effectively. Proven to reduce sweeping time by up to 75%*

*based on tests in a 70,000 sq ft warehouse

Do you want to keep your premises clean and safe?The Supasweeper will help you save time & money

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