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Building on the success of its Supascraper in the dairy industry, Alpine Pacific Group Ltd has re-launched the Supasweeper, a giant broom designed specifically for industrial areas such as warehouses, factories and storage depots.

“Our goal is to provide companies with labour and cost saving devices at an affordable price,” said John Murphy, managing director of Alpine Pacific Ltd. “Both the Supasweeper and the Supascraper came about because there was a need in the marketplace so we designed a product to fill it.”

“Sweeping is a necessary evil when keeping the workplace clean. It takes time, workers complain of aching backs and let’s face it, it’s no fun. The Supasweeper addresses these inherent problems. Its ergonomic design eases the strain on the user's back. Its 1.5m broom head makes light work of the job and with two sweepers working in tandem, you can clean a forklift aisle in a matter of minutes and you have company while you sweep.”

Another advantage of the Supasweeper is it’s a fraction of the cost of a mechanical sweeper and probably just as effective, reckons Murphy. “The Supasweeper efficiently picks up dirt and dust and collects it, it doesn’t fling it around to resettle elsewhere. We’ve had superb feedback from companies who are already using the Supasweeper such as McCains Foods in Timaru who in their own words, ‘think it’s the bees knees and swear by it’."

Supasweeper cleans floors in a flash...

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